Saturday, July 23, 2011

Liar! Liar!

Liar! liar!
Pants on fire.
You tightened the noose.
Please let us loose
for completed idea
Before I die, dear!

O.K., extremely bad poetry seemed my only recourse ....  pleased with yourself?!?  We're allowed 15 whole words ... REALLY? I suspect you were and are looking over your shoulder.You must agree this was evil.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Plugs and Graphite

Here we are again in handcuffs. Do the rest of you wonder who put a burr under Jenny's blanket and rubbed her the wrong way?? Now on the other hand, thank you all for your encouraging and funny comments this last week. To write well enough to entertain and keep the reader hooked is nice. Now with the ascribed  miserly 25 words, here goes Saturday Centus .............  fill in the enoumous blanks.

Ultra light graphite doubled throbbing against the "really nice" bass digging deeper. Impatient to slip on down the bank, "PLEASE, lip it; I'm not getting any younger here."

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Milk, Eggs, Bread AND .....

Hurry .... HURRY! We don't have time to dawdle, COME ON!!  Our list is really really long!!!! Racing up one aisle and down the next, shopping with preteen boys in tow is like herding cats. O.K., o.k., if you will  promise to stay in this department for 10 minutes and not cause a problem, I can get most of these things. PROMISE, boys!! "We're not babies, MOM." "I'll be right back."

"Would the mother of Brad, Josh and Cooper please come to aisle 17", blasted through the store giving her a start. Skidding to a stop "BOYS! What ARE you doing ??!!??" "Letting the tarantulas play together." "And the sign reads WHAT?" "But we didn't put our hands in the tank. We turned them over!"

Sunday, July 3, 2011

That Starry Starry Night

Through the window, a deep, dark, velvet blue sky seemed filled with luminescent twinkling stars. Their light reflecting in the water of the bay. A breeze slipped out of the north creating a pleated ruffle across the surface. Fields of grass waved and bobbed in the insistent currents. The thunderous booming persisted. He sat there in the darkness awed by the spectacle wondering "How did I come to be here?" and "How will this end ?" "How long can we survive such barbaric violence?"

Picking up the pen, looked out the window again in the perdawn hours ..... the booming star burst flashes lite up the darkened sky and the waving Stars and Stripes,  he wrote ... "Oh,say can you see  ........... "