Sunday, March 8, 2015

Blue Skies, Sunshine and Headed for the Pond

January 29th ... Right Shoulder Rotator Cuff Surgery .... yep, that's correct. Well prepared for a period of hellish pain, as of March 8th, have had no pain and taken no pain pills. For this I am deeply greatly. To those who have suffered grievously, I can only imagine and wish you relief soon. However, as I'm right handed strapped in a cumbersome sling have found myself unable to do anything to pass the time except sit, watching the weather/snow and T.V. whether recorded series, movies, whatever or go to therapy [passive] 3x's a week for an hour. Even considered attempting to paint left handed with a palette knife. Trouble is eating left handed resulting with most spilled and resorting to sandwiches..... kept dreaming of a plate of spaghetti with any sauce or a bowl of mussels. Painting ... hahahahaha.  O.K., 6 weeks into 52. Apparently, the older we are the longer the recovery process. What a surprise. So, as these 10 digits work, thought I'd share some time now that I've finally gotten out of my head and quit feeling sorry of myself.  

While I was "in my head" ....who said, "reflection is good for the soul?" Trust me, isolation will certainly provide ample time to address all aspect of a life should one really care to look. After long examination, the finding are mixed with satisfaction, frustration, failure, sadness and the quandary of "how do I fix this".  What we are as opposed as to how we are perceived can be drastically opposite. Perception is a shallow image and frequently false denying the possibility of a genuine relationship. What's that song .... "See Me".  The trouble with this is the time requirement and a vested interest to actually share and know. Right ..... see?! ..... being friends shouldn't be this hard. We are the culprit .... shame on us ...... just accept and hope you are accepted equally without an agenda or ulterior motive. No need to divide and conquer when the truth is, there can be more than one equally. Wow, move on.

So left with few devises, am considering options. There are 12 days til Spring. For a gardener, it's the harbinger of dirt therapy, starting tomato seeds inside .... oh, come on .... this is trying to the soul. At this moment, seems all that's left is to grab a book, sit by the pond no longer frozen over, watch the fish as the parade of hikers pass enjoying this 60 degree day. Would light a fire in the new fire pit ..... no logs ....  whatever, there are blue skies and sunshine to be absorbed. Enough already!

Tea ... a fresh pot of tea .... perhaps we could commiserate ..... what do you say? game? .... Shoot, it's just one more of life's adventures...... right??  Headed for the pond ........