Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Cast Iron …… that was the original concept to explore, but then it is confining for my presently fragmented thoughts. Still there are other aspects of life that now call to me. Returning to clay and building organic ware, an artistic outlet that is necessary to my life. As children, we made mud pies and share them with our families. Now, we sink our hands into the clay and let it take us to wonderful creations to serve or display the foods from our cast iron pots. Can’t believe I am able to rationalize almost anything with food. That is just a little sad.

Nonetheless, not particularly interested in throwing …… oh, yes, I did give it a go …….. and, what I discovered about me, I really do not enjoy the repetitiveness of throwing. I do, however, enjoy the discovery of where the next piece of clay will go and how it works with the body. Loving textures and glazes that break, run, interact, and I find most happy accidents are just that. Corn is giving me the greatest feel of accomplishment. Wish the pieces could be seen. Perhaps you might feel the same. Amazingly, for whatever reason, think with every layer of the shuck something wonderful is about to be revealed. Brownstone Clay, simple pleasures of being wrist deep in it and the tables of food that can be served on it. WOW, what’s for dinner?

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