Monday, December 13, 2010

Remembering Snowy Sunday Chili

Third week of December, Dicken's Village constructed on grand piano, Bryer Caroliers adorn the 10 foot mantel and the tree is trimmed. Every few days the aromas from the kitchen have imbued the house with seasonal joys and expectations. See, a conscious decision to give gifts of food to family and friends instead of un-necessary items. This way if whatever doesn't suit them ..... chuck it in the trash and no ones the wiser. AND, no mall visits which is a very good thing.

Yesterday winter arrived with snow flurries followed by snow showers. The wind could cut us in half ..... brrrrrr! It was a perfect day for a fresh pot of chili with rice and spicy cornbread. And I must admit, it was the best from this kitchen ever. Oh, lawrd, you probably have an award winning recipe; you don't need one more ..... afterall, who measures?? Well,let's see -

Snowy Sunday Chili

Brown together:
about 1 lb. ground round
" 1/2 lb. sage sausage

1 very large chopped onion
stirring in until translucent

Then add:
1 can diced tomatoes
1 small can tomato paste

Thin with:
V8 Juice .. the entire quart [I didn't have any dark beer]

Stir in:
1 handfull chocolate morsels
1 cup coffee [or a tablespoon of dried coffee]

Quanities from here out are not exact so begin with some and add for personal taste:
2-3 TBLS Smoked Paprika
4-5 " Chili Powder
3-4 " Cumin
2-3 " Oregano
1-2 " Beef Base [careful, this can be very salty]

Turn the heat to med. low and allow to simmer. 30 minutes before ready to serve
Add 2 cans of beans with juice. Any beans; I happened to have used
1 Black bean and
1 Cannolini Bean.

To serve .... heap rice in middle of bowl and spoon chili around rice. Freezes well. [hope I haven't left out anything - you're quite welcome to add or substract - that's what I do]
Feast Ya'll

So today, squirrels are racing in and out of limbs, then up and down trees. The Cardinals are emblazened against the Pine boughs. Watching all this activity makes me smile just enjoying life's simple pleasures. The blue skies are being over come by large gray clouds; the harbingers of a more severe night to come. Oh, well, guess we'll just crank up the fire, find a good movie and cuddle up with Finnegan So stay warm ..... Christmas is on the way ..... and it might be white ...

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