Saturday, March 26, 2011

I'm no chicken ....

Intensely flashing light followed by that erupting crash of thunder and the hard smacking of hail, sleep was over. What's the time ... what's the time?? Darkness, again, wrapped the house as the deluge pounded. Are you kidding me? The jump is today .... do we do this in the rain? Surely not. Coffee, need coffee by the pot or sleep could possibly return. Well, o.k., up, dressed wondering "can they get a plane off the ground in this; AND, oh lord, that water hitting you like tiny bullets". Breath, just breath, the phone will ring any minute with a cancellation/postponement of the event.

By 8:30 a.m., meet, greet and prep complete, we piled into the plane. Spiraling upwards through clouds or maybe it was fog, we reached altitude. Unable to recall committing to such a CRAZY idea but I'm no chicken, forget standing in the door ... there was no door just falling, falling. Fog swirled in a vortex ...... "Mrs. Drake .... Mrs. Drake wake up"! "She's coming around Doctor". Opening her eyes, the Doctor's face took shape. "Your colonoscopy went perfectly ..... we removed 20 polops .... everything is fine."


  1. Very good job ! Somehow I missed this one when you posted it and am glad got to read it. I try and visit everyone and comment every week...quite a feat to have such a dream when having a procedure...I always just experience time missing !

  2. I love this! Living in a dream world can be as frightening as it can be wonderful. Your concrete images make this piece visual and in the moment. "...erupting crash of thunder and the hard smacking of hail..." Good stuff.

    Thanks for your comment on my little story. I loved hearing from you.