Saturday, April 23, 2011

Opening Night

"Right, well, we may not be Ringling Brothers, BUT we have always been quality .... right??" The group of painted and costumed clowns sat looking up at the spectacle. Their exaggerated shoes patting together in an agitated manner.

O.K., the boy arrived 10 months ago with no skills, no presence, nothing except a wish to be a flyer ... a trapeze artist ... he almost got a nose bleed every time he went up. BUT, there he was ... opening night.

The wigged, red nosed clowns were intent. "Can you believe THAT'S his costume?" We'll never live this down!!!" "Wilbur, he's in white tights!" " You better look at yourself .... you've taken the Velveteen Rabbit to an all NEW LOW .... really !!!"


  1. I'd pay to see a flying blue bunny in tights. :)~Ames

  2. I love your take on our blue bunny suited man...not something I would least not without some 'medicinal' aids ;-) Glad to see you putting your excellent writing skills to Saturday Centus...Peace, blessings, and have a lovely Easter...

  3. I'd pay, too. Ames said she'd pick me up. What time is the first show??

  4. Nice take. Surprisingly, not many have seen the theatrical possibilities of this picture of the costumed man.
    Thanks for your interesting thoughts about my post. Please come back and read "Part Two" (just keep scrolling down). You will see that you were on the right track. Congtats!
    Best wishes,
    Anna's SC-51-Harvey's Place

  5. I'd love to see that bunny in the show! LOL. Stop in & read Defected Mansion

  6. Trial by a jury of clowns! Genius. And the image of a bunny in blue tights is almost more than I can funny, so very funny.


  7. Perfect take on the prompt...simply brilliant and wonderful !!!

  8. What a brilliant take on this difficult picture prompt.

    Loved the visualization here. I can just see bunny man climbing out of a little clown car!

    Ta da!

    This was really excellent. I was there!

  9. haha now thats the kind of show i would like to see! funny!