Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cast Iron [Black Pot] Cooking Issues Indoors and Out

The absurd thought that this utensil must be babied is ludicrous. It’s IRON for goodness sake. Agreed, it will crack if, while hot, is shoved into cold water; and can warp with excessive high heat. Yes, tomatoes are acid and will clean most metal pots. That doesn’t mean they cannot be an ingredient. After all, when the pot is washed and dried, just wipe the inside with a paper towel dipped in some vegetable oil.

Have you met that person who feels their 8 inch fry pan is the “sacred” cornbread pan? What is amazing is the thought that it is useful for only one thing. Wish folks realized that the more cast iron is used, the better it becomes. In my kitchen, there are only 2 metals used for cooking ….. Copper and cast iron. Oh, they are washed in hot soapy water dried and stored for the next day’s use. My grandmother gave me my first skillet and Dutch oven in 1965 for a wedding gift. My mother only owned cast iron skillets. I was fortunate to have discovered its secrets from childhood. No Teflon for me.

For ten years, demonstrated cooking with camp stoves [the pots with legs and flanged lids and charcoal, if you were thinking of something else] for a premier manufacturer. Also, for twenty years, taught many folks and campers the art of indoor and outdoor cast iron cooking. This is a cooking utensil not the Holy Grail.

In THE WOODS WOMAN’S POT, the recipes are workable for the kitchen, the camp or the yard.

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  1. I think this is wonderful that you are doing this!!! I look forward to your hints on outdoor cooking in your iron skillet and pots! I too, am a big fan of cast iron cooking.

    For cornbread, I prefer the small sectional skillet because the cornbread is crispier!