Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kusadasi & Ephesus, Turkey

Still at sea, the Captain announced there was an increased threat of terrorist action and violence in Turkey against U.S. citizens. We need to be alert and mindful of our safety and surroundings. Well, why not.

With the noon arrival, our group had a 2 p.m. tour. We opted to wander the waterfront shops. As we left the ship, there were bicycle propelled carts. Don't walk when you can ride has become my mantra. First argument of the day was over the 1 dollar trip. Well, of course "he" wanted more ... nope. Ed can really dig n his heels. Wow!

Thru the customs house and funneled into the shopping district. Our first encounter was a jewelry store with a very pushy young woman and a man standing in the middle of the sidewalk. She was a shark. Well, I like to ask question about items and she took that as a signal "player/buyer". Granted they had some lovely things BUT #1) is it real, #2) my mind is screaming "inflated" prices, #3) you must think I'm an idiot. Goodgrief, she really needed a reality check. AND, out the door we go closely followed. I really hate that. It was fun checking out pretty things, no matter how proud they were of their merchandise and Ed tells me I don't know how to shop. He must have thought I was serious. hahahahaha ..... so did they. I wasn't born yesterday. When the ships arrive, the prices change to the premium level.

Carpets, jewelry, Birkenstocks, La Costa, Persian looking frames, boxes, chess sets ........ and then there was STARBUCKS; yes,yes, please a Mocha Frappaccino, PLEASE. As Ed enjoyed his hot cappuccino and I took a swim in mine, we plotted our attack. LaCosta for his male relatives and that scarf shop for the girls. Listen, the scarf shop was .... let's see .... it was extraordinary to say the least. WOW! And I went in looking for something silk for Shannon. All I can say...... I'm thinking .... well, I'm trying to find the right words .... still thinking ..... it was an experience and Ed had fun .... maybe that's the correct word ..... actually, trying to write this is difficult. He collected some very lovely things for the girls. Spent time in other shops but nothing else. Now we must run the gauntlet past that female HUSTLER and her friend. No plan in mind, I just kept moving and Ed kept saying "I'll be back". Isn't that what Arnold S. said in The Terminator? We made it to customs house and the duty free shops. One last look for the metal soldiers and Kiev Skya Rus [honey vodka] - NOPE, again. Outside, I caught the little peddle cart. Ed needed a little smoking time. As we moved off to the ramp, I realized he was still carrying his purchases. I should have brought them with me - UNCONSCIOUS!!!

The Chef's Outdoor Buffet on the pool deck with Turkish dancers was our plan rather than the off ship dinner and dancers. It required a walk and neither Ed nor I were interested in more walking today. So we ate, had Martinis and watched the dancers for a spell then moved down the deck so Ed could smoke and we talked til late. Good night!

As Friday unfolded, I met everyone for breakfast in Windows. Due to the amount of walking that was required. I begged off. After their departure, I caught a taxi into town and away from the dockside shops. No matter where I looked no soldiers and no hat; so, back to the ship and my last ride in the little cart.

Ed called to say they were back, With 104 degrees and extremely uneven walking, I was grateful for having attempted Ephesus.

Dinner at 8 in Discovery. Shoot, this was the last evening with T.C. and Richard. I'm going to miss them. Tomorrow will find us in Piraeus/Athens, Greece. I've liked my stateroom and the ship's world. Over too soon..... but , we still have Rome.

I'm sad .... Later ........

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