Thursday, August 26, 2010

Weekend in Odessa

Whatever the origin, I have intestinal distress, and I've lost my sense of humor as a direct result. Thank goodness breakfast tea arrives; so, it must be 7:30 a..m. With no intention of leaving my stateroom anytime soon, Ed, T.C. and Richard are off to sample Odessa. At the end of the wharf await the "stairway" into the town. 193 wide inviting steps ..... wow, I had no idea.

While "they" were enjoying the local sights and smells, finally, I showered, dressed and tentatively made my way out into the ship. Eventually decided to lunch at Windows with my good book. It was me, Nelson DeMille and Black Current ice cream. O.K., I can deal with just about anything as long as the Black Current ice cream doesn't run out. Right you are, it isn't what you put on a distressed stomach; nonetheless, one must have some joy no matter how short lived.

Imagine my surprise when our group began returning for lunch. Ah, there is a very special 7 course dinner planned for us in a local restaurant. Well, there will be one less for that event. At present, the rolling and pitching has nothing to do with waves on the high seas. Thank goodness our televisions provide a couple of movie channels cause I'm headed back to my small world after a fitful night.

The Chef's Outdoor Grill and Buffet with Ukrainian Folkloric Dancers for entertainment would be in the pool/open deck area. My arrival was well after the buffet had started and just in time for the dancers. Out of nowhere appeared T.C. and Richard; seemed Ed was changing. The restaurant wasn't air conditioned and the food was o.k. ..... our buffet was excellent: Beef Tenderloin, Grilled Chicken, Grilled Whole Fish .... not to mention everything else. We had a lovely evening by the pool with the colorful and artful dancers.

As the day broke on Sunday, Ed, T.C. and Richard found a church. Actually there is a charming church on our dock. I found that a bit odd but what do I know. For the afternoon, Ed and I try to find metal soldiers or that infernal hat. There was nothing.

4 p.m. invited Ed over to watch our departure. Raphael [Butler] really out did himself with an extra tray of "bites": Tenderloin, Chicken and Shrimp [all grilled] and Empanadas. Forget dinner!!! As Odessa slipped from view, we'll start our week in Varna, Bulgaria.

By the way, don't believe I mentioned it was HOT; I mean, really HOT .... in the 100 degree range. I mention this only because it was supposed to be 89. The stomach thing is better, so tomorrow back in stride. I'm a little dry; how about that cup of tea?? Later.......

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