Thursday, October 21, 2010

... and then the "other" shoe dropped ...

Have you ever taken your car, which performs just fine, for a simple "oil change"; and as soon as the hood rises, goules and goblins appear to have been at work on an overtime schedule. The mechanic, with a sheepish expression, begins to detail the myriad discrepancies for a "cherry" ride. It could be the alternator, the points and plugs appear to be worn, not to mention replacing all the hoses. What started out to be a $30.00 oil change is now spiralling into the stratosphere. How could everything be wrong .... how could it possibly have made the trip from home without a total breakdown. Oh, and the brakes and pads are badly worn.

If you have heard all this before, perhaps you will also appreciate my present predicament. This is beginning to resemble my past few months. "They" raised the hood and now we are tinkering around with the engine all the way to the exhaust.

Since August 10th, this anemia issue has required a three to four week off and on schedule with different members of the medical profession. This included a second Colonoscopy at the end of September; a physician's appointment preceding it to "discuss" the first findings. Then a follow-up enlightening phone call," Hi, Doctor removed 20 benign polops .... pause .... but there's that quarter size AVM that seems to be the reason you are leaking blood and it requires removal". While the brain is assimilating pertinent information, benign rolls over and over through the consciousness with a question mark. "We are faxing your records over to your next Doctor in the Oncology Dept. at the hospital." The conversation ended with "they will be in touch". Did you notice the size of that shoe as it fell? That was Wednesday October 6th and the emotional level appeared calm. After all, if it were bad news, logically there would not be a wait but go straight to surgery or whatever. RIGHT??!!? Never mind, I'm holding onto that thought, period.

Obviously we are far beyond mechanics, the specialist had the last word after simple diagrams. We will do a resection, staple the parts back together and you'll go home in 3 to 5 days. No more leak. When? So while the rest of you are racing to the polls to be first in line, that's right .... I'm first in line.

The funny thing about all of this is you realize how fortunate we are that medicine has progressed in so many areas. A few years ago I might not have had such a cavalier attitude. Don't misunderstand, this is concerning but let's not cross bridges until we are pushed. So there you are, hopefully just a brief hiccup in this life's safari. I will wager one idea .... bet that now these Doctors have me on their radar, I'm caught like a deer in the headlights.

The exorcism is now complete with the reading. Believe this evening requires a bit of time in the garden with a really lovely single malt before tackling those fresh apple cakes. What do you say, join me .................

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