Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkins and perspectives

Isn't it odd how the priorities we set for ourselves are really obstacles. It's pumpkin carving or they just end up collected together as a Thanksgiving decoration. Tonight our geographic location is experiencing extreme weather. Oddly enough, the pumpkin is taking on a character of it's own and it isn't Betty Boop. Unfortunately and paralleled in time, tornadoes, downpours and traffic mayhem is occurring across our viewing area.

As I listen to the rain, yep it's raining at long last, there are thousands without power, trees on their roofs and other personal crisis. However, for me, the sound of water falling is soothing, relaxing and welcomed. AND, my life crisis seems far away and totally insignificant.

Pumpkin carved, Fierce Finnegin. Whether obstacle or goal, it is all perception. Your choice..... and I choose .... I choose ..... what to choose ..... O.K., health and happiness .... how does that corrolate..... lame. What do we want ? Is that perception as well? Actually, it's very simple [rather like me]. What's wanted is [drum roll] love and respect. There was love and respect for 35 years and I miss that. Will it ever come again? .... probably not. However, I'm willing to have an open mind .... obstacle.

During the afternoon and tonight freak weather super cells have attacked our dam, highways and homes. This time luck held for the south end of the weather ravaged areas. Pumpkins will go out tomorrow. It's five days and counting ..... passed all the pre-testing yesterday ..... obstacles, goals or perception ..... weather, pumpkins or what. Surely to goodness this makes sense to somebody besides me. I've never been here before and uncertainty makes me ambivolent. What do ya think
......... what's your perspective ......

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