Monday, October 31, 2011

Stiff Brushes and Rusty Fingers

So, met that fork in the middle of the road and made an unexpected detour from the norm running  headlong into the past. So, what were your plans 40+ years ago? Not complaining, BUT, 180 degrees about describes the path and out of that comfort zone.

August was an eye opener returning to a painting class with no confidence and questionable skills. Just signing up for the 2 day workshop required an extreme amount of pressure and persistence on the part of a friend. There you are in way over your head ... just looking at every one's work. Gave the instructor 2 assessments she could give ...1] "That's nice" meaning it's not going to get better, just  go home and garden, cook or read. 2] "You need to keep painting".  Brought the unfinished canvases home and stared at them for days thinking of the "you definitely need to keep painting". Not sure they will ever be any different .... something to remember that feeling of frustration, rusty skills and most of all "I've missed this". Then the absurd occurs, overload of 4 and 6 weeks classes with a weekend sculpture workshop just because "it'll be FUN". Exhausted, pooped, worn out!!!! Obviously, thinking was not part of the equation. Having survived and with a more reasonable plan, am moving forward and learning techniques from the best artist/instructors ..... people actually teaching rather than leaving the student to eventually figure it out on their on.

Embarking on another reinvention; actually, this has been a rediscovery. Like writing, one can get lost in moving paint around a canvas or words around a page. Odd how long it takes us to learn and truly accept a few important lessons ..... 1] It isn't a competition; and this was a major struggling point generating envy. 2]  The word TALENT is qualitative and should be allocated to Mozart, Bach, Chopin; perhaps we should use skilled, studied, technique. We worry too much wondering if we have talent rather than can this skill/technique be applied. Sure did take a long time for this to sink in and be understood much less accepted. Shame on me!!

Ah, well, appears there is a need to paint everyday ... practice, practice, practice ..... the only solution for the improvement of any skill. And there is still a piano that hasn't been touched for the past 11 years.

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  1. Talent is in the eye of the beholder, we are so very hard on ourselves with our critical eyes. I just like to think now how much I might be enjoying all those creative, positive juices flowing and don't worry too much anymore about if talent is involved...the journey and experience is what counts !!!