Wednesday, January 11, 2012

, Kitchen Renovation - The Journey - Appliances 101

Isn't it funny how we are so easily led by commercial advertisement. Wolf, Sub Zero, Thermador, Kitchen Aide, Jenn-Aire, Frigidaire, Electrolux, GE, Whirlpool, Maytag ....... where in the world does one begin, much less know what they really need .... let alone want. High end versus low end and everything in between. With that in mind, we are forever told "do the home work" ... so considered my needs and began asking questions. Of course, the poor fella, that was being drug back and forth among the stoves etc. for 3 hours, was grateful when he heard "thank you for your time" and was left alone to consider the whirlwind that exited.

You know, comparison shopping isn't easy.My word, the Jenn-Aire has a computer program for almost everything. That's great but don't want to give up so much control. Every one had something the other didn't. I am a cook [not a chef]. So,here is my bottom line at the moment: Wolf 6 eye counter top or Electrolux .... the main difference for me, the Wolf simmered on all eyes and the Electrolux only one one. But, big selling point for me, Electrolux will start with out power and we loose power alot [yes, there will be a generator .... but what if something debilitates it .... it isn't a perfect world]. Ovens; have decided on Wolf doubles simply because the functions fulfill house needs [I'm not a beginner ... have even catered for up to 300] and am determined to have 2 full sized ovens. Their racks are tremendous and slid completely out of the ovens [big selling point if you are 5'3" and 71].  In the Microwave world, new concept for me ..... a drawer [Sharp] .... no more counter top or under a cabinet. Dishwasher, the quietest and "cleaningest" turns out to be a Bosch.

Refrigeration wasn't a big issue; just wanted reliable with minimal problems. Have a GE and am sick of replacing ice makers. So, have found Scotsman makes one that has large cubes [actually, little hats] that don't melt immediately. As for food stuffs, there will be plenty of room for a full box refrigerator and full box freezer. The Electrolux has everything needed. Yes, yes, Sub Zero's are great; but, for my money I don't keep lettuce and apples together to create gasses. My apples stay on the counter in a bowl. Gimmick features just slay me.

Am down to vent /hood. Everyone seems enamored with big bulky hoods; yet again I'm swimming against the stream. So am continuing to struggle. No, don't say down draft. Too many issues not liked. The eyes at the back of the cook surface, nearest the vents, are hotter than should be due to the draw of air. That's not good.

So there you are .... best advice from this corner .... know your cooking skills and what you really need. Be wary of gimmicks that break. Repairs are expensive and who actually will be doing them. This is the last kitchen I will ever have and ovens were the first item considered. Granted I can prepare a banquet on anything from an open log fire, or cast iron camp ovens over charcoal, to an in home kitchen with ovens that are not true heat. It will be such a pleasure to have decent equipment at long last. The goal here was to find trouble free, good to great appliances that were with in the budget. No money has changed hands as yet .... the mind is open and welcomes findings. Probably need some more "hands on" time in the stores.

Sat down with Architect and Contractor to view the educated guess numbers. Who knew patterned concrete was sooooo expensive. Fine, wanted organic stone work in the first place. Don't you just love the elegantly rustic feel of Tuscany? Oh, my .... yep, caught me dreaming.

O.K.   ........ We will see working plans next week. Weather is lousy at present. Bet the first nail is months away. Still waiting on the footings for the "potato cellar". Good thing I'm patient..... right? Right. I need a fresh pot of tea and watch the rain.  Hope your project, if started, is going well......       

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  1. I'm no cook, but here's my 2-cents. (That's really all it's worth!) Do you simmer things on more than one burner more often than the power goes out? If so, I would say that that feature is more important than the ability to light without power. It may be more important to consider the everyday needs over the emergency needs when making the decision. Plus, you can always pull out a camp stove and cook in the event of a power outage (with generator failure).

    Oh, and this is a warning/reminder....I met Mitchell when I made him spend hours showing me different appliances and other items....all without buying them.