Thursday, January 19, 2012

Renovation Journey - January Weather - Waiting

It's a good thing patience is a strong point here. As previously mentioned, the Potato Cellar must be constructed first for storage purposes. Rain has presented itself at least 2 days per week the entire month. Just this morning, Contractor remarked, "Good thing we didn't rip the roof off the house". Well, anyone beginning this type of construction in January is "plum" out of their minds. Kinda makes one smile to themselves and think [but never said] "I told you so"!

Also, waiting to hear from the architects as their parting remark was "we'll see you next week". So far, not a word. These are the working plans; and if more time is needed, they must be dealing with an issue or two or three. So, take your time; and please, get it right.

As I write this, must admit the comfort of long time surroundings makes this someone realize there is a sense of dread.... not for the outcome but the actual process. This is the first time that thought has been allowed to bubble up to the surface. Finnegan [ gray tabby cat], Hooker [Basset Hound] and me; guess we'll grit our collective teeth and bear it. Yes, yes ..... it's an adventure .... boy, is it an adventure. So, we wait. Presently, waiting for the weather to cooperate. Waiting for the working plans. Waiting ................... waiting!

 A positive countenance is presented to the world at large; but it's scary out here by myself. What in the world was I thinking???? Cold feet? No, not that; but, maybe fear and trepidation because the decisions are all mine for a major, MAJOR, project. Maybe it's time for something stronger than a pot of tea. Maybe a double Glenfidich; maybe 2 and calm down. What do ya think?? Yes?? Yes!! Catch up with you when the waiting is over or maybe before. Note a bit of ambivalence here??

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  1. My daughter is going through a major roof repair and lots of construction at her house...not easy to deal with anytime. Hope all goes well with whatever you decide to do !!!