Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Renovation Journey - The Backhoe and ....

The unmistakable sound of a BIG, heavy truck changing gears and struggling up hill interrupted the perusal of my morning paper and fresh cup of tea. Oh, my word, the backhoe has arrived. It is beginning!!!!

Funny how it had just been conversational. Yes, of course, there are the conceptual plans; but, in the world of my mind, reality had not slipped into focus. WELL, that clanging banging sound is definitely real!

Apparently, the Potato Cellar walls were stones encased in a concrete sleeve. This is a really good thing. Those, cleaned up, will be usable in the up coming stone work. It is amazing the mess one man and his large "toy" can create. Remember when your boys were little and playing with Tonka Trucks in a sand pile? This man was, of course, much older; however, the expression on his face seemed, oh so, familiar. You know, almost gleeful, self-satisfied, truly enjoying the moment. He waves and smiles as I watch his progress. Reaching down, you work your fingers into the red clay. Retrieving a lump, fingers begin forming it into a ball. A war was fought on this soil .... young men and their fathers not always fighting together but against each other. That heart breaking time in our country's past .... they slept, ate and fought right here on this clay. AND, today we are disturbing that same ground. Wonder if there is such a thing as "soil memory". If so, it will recall .... a farm with fruit trees and cows .... my parents and my feet chasing dogs and horses .... our family and 2 boys feet, tepees, fireworks, years of cutting grass, badminton, horseshoes and croquette. Funny, the history of one plot of land. Well ..... well, here we are launching into a new adventure.  

At mid-afternoon, quiet ..... why is it quiet? He was gone leaving behind a very large 3 sided hole [on elevation]. The inspector must approve this tomorrow in order for the concrete to be poured ..... all before the RAIN returns!!!! 

This is surreal ..... the Architect and Contractor arrive for a "talk" .... oh, my. In an effort to cut the cost, they have a list. Hummmmmm, we won't use materials that will diminish the appearance of the concept. That just will not happen! Apparently, many will opt for a cheapening look. The Architect appreciated that his concept was loved and not to be lessened. What an emotional day ..... I'm exhausted .... you'd think I'd done all the digging. When everyone had gone, poured a Single Malt over ice, sat down in my favorite chair, took a sip and toasted the BEGINNING, releasing a quiet sigh  ... holy cow!!!!!! Does anyone out there actually care?

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  1. Of course we do! And don't you feel better now that things are well on their way!!