Wednesday, June 1, 2011


She was a Southern girl several generations deep, with an appreciation for old silver and "good" china. They weren't wealthy; Daddy had always said,"we're comfortable" ..... and that distinction was cavernous in the 1950's. All the same, her family was able to afford a "good" formal education through college. Mother made certain she appreciated the "finer things in life":oh, you know, linen, lace, kid gloves, how to sit, drink a proper cup of tea, polite conversation ..... social etiquette. The warm months were dotted with Teas and the cold months were occasional dances.

She married the man she passionately loved; not the one preferred by Daddy. Chestnut braids flying as she whirled to face Daddy,"I'll marry for love or not at all." She could be willful and stubborn, if pushed. That passion produced four sons: Adam, Bradley, Conner, Douglas. Abegail and Colin enjoyed life together with their sons resulting in a tight supportive family. Then that cold Friday the Highway Patrol Officers arrived about 4 in the afternoon to heartbreaking news. A young man on a motorcycle had swirved to miss a dog and the on coming car. Attempting to avoid the cyclist, Colin ran off the road, lost control, hitting a tree at 55 miles an hour. After 35 years of magic, her life would never be the same.

How does one fill the emptness .... need to make money, but how .... we're told pride goeth before a fall .... well, there's always cooking .... she was a good cook .... actually, she was a really good creative cook but no professional training. "Oh, Lord, help", was her constant and silent prayer.

Lunch with a close friend was a turning point. She wanted to host a big party to introduce some new neighbors. "Abegail, would you do the food? I'd pay!" "Are you serious, I've never done that before." Lexie countered "Of course you have. Think of all the parties you and Colin have given. It's only about 100; that would be a snap for you .... oh, please, please PLEASE!" And there it was, her future. First there were quiet dinners, a few artist and wedding receptions using her sons to serve. Then she had to hire help .... more help to serve and help to cook having outgrown her kitchen at home. The 2 boys became managers in the front and back of the house, and 2 in cooking schools. She opened a bistro stlye restaurant in an upscale neighborhood using linen tablecloths and napkins, "good" china and "old" silver. Come and join the group for high tea or a grand dinner, it's called Alphabet.......... oh, you know, for the boys.

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  1. I loved this. What visualization. Serious word crafting here.