Sunday, June 5, 2011

The End ...YEA!!!!

Oh, Saturday Centus .... for some reason am unable to leave a comment to most of you. It isn't that I'm disinterested or unimpressed, it has to be computer imps. So please accept my apology. And counting several times to stay within our confines ..... my 27 word offering

It was a start stop, off on, love hate affair for years. Now decide! No problem! I choose Fiber Optics. Goodbye COMCAST .... that's THE END of that.


  1. Oh, we hear you! The more technology, the more errors! And to think our life used to be so simple before they tried to make it BETTER!!

  2. hahahaha. Loved it.

    Blogger comments are driving me crazy. I wish they would get their beep together.

  3. Boy, can I ever relate to THIS one!


  4. Computers often make me feel like I am at The End...of my mind!

  5. No apology necessary! We have all been there. Just glad to hear from you.


  6. Yay, so glad you posted and great job using this prompt. So true...we have been going round and round between Direct TV and Comcast when ever my Hubs sees a deal to change. The end indeed LOL

  7. Agree with the commenters before me. Technology is tough to even try to keep up with.
    Best wishes,
    Okay. Click here below and see if you come to my SC-post. I dare you to do it!

    Miss O'Hara's Last Words" SC wk 57

  8. You wrote about technology in only 27 words. Geez! I am almost speechless.

    This was neat writing.