Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Water Lily War

Magellan and Galileo reside in a 70 gallon fresh water world plunked is a terrace just about a foot above the garden floor. A visitor inquired "Is that a Spring feeding the pond?" What a complement .... roots and log with water spilling down contrived to look natural .... what a complement!! Of course, the fish don't know it isn't a natural pond in a meadow or the woods.There they are hiding, darting here and there, lazily wandering about nosing the surface; and for whatever reason, feel the need to toss out onto the garden floor whatever water lily they are given to decorate their space. This phenomenon occurs every time the plant is submerged. Whether alone or together, the roots are gnawed to a nub, then vigorously ejected unceremoniously.

In the beginning, there was concern that night creatures [Raccoons, Opossums or whatever] were attempting to raid their home.  As there has been no loss of life, apparently the two captives have decided to clean house no matter how persistent the decorator. Sitting back watching, they skim the surface for mosquito larvae making bubbles then with a flip of the tail sounding to the bottom to circle the up ended log. From time to time, a toad comes for a visit. However, the birds are the true entertainment. The water catches in the cupped out hollows as it runs down the log to drop into the pond below. These hollows allow the birds to fling water about as they bath daily. Hopping up and back down the run they sip as though looking for the right taste. Funny how time seems to rest itself in the garden's life not wanting to intrude but wishing to linger. Squirrels and chipmunks scurry to refresh themselves before digging for last years buried walnut or scavenge the cast seeds from under the feeders. Butterflies visiting the pond certainly give "themselves" a thrill with thoughts of a snack. Instead, they settle on the wet log to revitalize.

This little ecosystem definitely has a life and mind of it's own; but, the ideas of water lilies blooming in the shallow corner creeps into the overall plan. Wonder if "they" have forgotten. Wonder if it might be different this time. Wonder if ....... soon, really soon .... White Water Lilies ...  now that would be nice. Ah ha, the challenge begins again.    

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  1. What an altogether enchanting little pond and, what an enchanting time you have of watching it all. You've spun a lovely tale.
    Re: Your 'about me' Having lost my life-partner in 2005, I know we have to go through a... sometimes very painful... inner growth through a whole host of emotions before we finally reach acceptance and then go through our own 're-birth' I don't know when your husband passed but, I'm sorry for your loss.
    You write in vivid pictures. Lovely!
    Thanks for visiting me and the lovely comment.