Monday, June 13, 2011

Stone Circles

They're called Rifle Pits, others insist they'd been built by the Cherokee, even De Soto was suspect. Stones stacked in circles. Oddly, only four circles and none found elsewhere. Why would Rebel Soldiers build here when the Union Troops were further east. And, there were plenty of boulders to hid and shoot from behind. Then there are the breastwork, walls coming from and going to .... nowhere.

Cool stones penetrated the thin cotton blouse. Leaning back, watched the sunlight leave a mottled patterns across the litter of dried leaves. The smells of summer are sweet. Finnegan, the green eyed gray tabby, patted at a black beetle waiting for the attempted escape. Harmonious insect humming filled the woods. How easy to drift 100 years before today and be lost in the remembering. They curled up together, the girl and the cat, lazy eyes slidding shut.

Dreams of painted warriors, soldiers in blue, others grey danced through the shifting fog. The afternoon slipped aimlessly away. A crunching sound in the leaves roused them. Scratching the cat's ear he said, "Scoot over sister girl for your tired father." Stretching she asked,"Did you find out when?""Oh, sweetie, the wall was built long ago. But, LOOK what I found!"


  1. There is a dream-like quality in this piece that draws the reader in. Having lived most of my life on the coast of Georgia and in Macon, I am very familiar with oyster middens, burial mounds and stone walls. You have captured the aura that floats around them, maybe even the souls of those ancient peoples. This is wonderful.


  2. Outstanding job !
    This is a haunting and vivid story and although I have never experienced a place like this personally, I felt like I was there, seeing it all through your eyes !

    BTW, your comment on Jenny's SC post is distressing. I am so sorry you are having trouble commenting. I allow all comments, however if they are distasteful, lewd or mean or advertising, I delete them. You comments are always welcome where ever I am in the blog world !

    Also, your link does not go to this submission so I went through your profile page to find this post.

    Hope you are having a nice week !